Commercial Services

We don’t waste your waste®

Whether you’re a municipality facing cleanup after a natural disaster or a developer clearing land for a new subdivision, our professional, experienced recycling team can take care of your next large-scale waste removal project.

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When it comes to all things “green,” we sure know our stuff here at GreenCycle. Our team has the knowledge to help your business or municipality tackle any project: from on-site brush disposal to launching an organic recycling program. GreenCycle offers expert advice, responsive service, and dependable partnerships.

Food Waste Recycling

GreenCycle can reduce your business’ waste disposal costs while producing benefits to our local environment. We accept and compost food scraps at all our Indiana facilities where we divert them from landfills and incinerators and turn them in to valuable resources like mulch and soil.

Wood Grinding

Get heavy-duty clearing for a lightweight price tag. Our 1000+ horsepower grinders provide easy disposal of logs, limbs, brush, and clean wood waste for quick cleanup after land-clearing. We also offer an environmentally friendly choice: GreenCycle will haul away resulting wood debris to be recycled, if you choose.

Yard Waste Drop-off

GreenCycle accepts yard waste and wood debris at all of our Central Indiana locations. We offer easy disposal of logs, limbs, and brush from tree trimming or storm damage. It’s a fast, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly way to deal with your yard waste.

We accept: clean debris such as brush, logs, leaves, grass, mixed yard waste, wood chips, pallets and dimensional lumber.

We do not accept: materials that are contaminated with plastics, trash or painted/treated wood.

Facilities and Site Management

Our site management program provides site staffing, supervision, all the required specialized equipment, along with material processing and marketing. Contracting with GreenCycle can save money, and also free up municipal personnel and equipment so that they can concentrate on providing core services. A complete site management program benefits from the leverage of GreenCycle's equipment and integration into our distribution and marketing matrix.